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One of the most common fears horse owners have is that they will somehow make their horse worse.

In this new book, we cut straight to the TOP 3 THINGS YOU can do to guarantee you won't ruin your horse.

Learn how to communicate more effectively with your equine partner.

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Most horse owners attending Steve's 3-4 day clinics do not aspire to become horse trainers, but simply wish to improve the relationship they have with their own horse.  Whether to overcome fears, gain confidence, or just become an all around better leader for their horse, participants leave Steve's clinics empowered and more excited about horse ownership.

Steve travels to any location where there are enough people wanting and willing to learn better horsemanship.  If you don't see a location close to you already, reach out to us about hosting.

Rother Horsemanship

The equine experience of a lifetime!  Join Steve Rother at his ranch in northeast Washington for immersion into horsemanship.  Horse Creek Ranch gives you the perfect location for fun and education.  Both the 3 and 5 day camps offer you the opportunity develop a better partnership with your horse.  The camps are kept small to ensure lots of personal instruction from Steve and it often feels more like friends and family spending time with horses.  At the end of camp you will head home with new and exciting concepts of how to communicate with your horse; allowing you to continue to build a bond based on respect and understanding.

Rother Horsemanship

Our Saddles

Short skirts, regular skirts, floral tooling, basketweave, more bling, choose your style, choose your tree size, choose your color, choose your seat size, choose your seat color and material, choose your fender length, choose your stirrups, choose your horn, add the extras. Build the saddle of your dreams!

  • Superb fitting
  • EQuiflex tree
  • Extreme close contact
  • Free swing, pre-turned stirrups
  • State of the art seat padding
  • Individually hand-crafted in the USA
  • Orders take 8 - 10 weeks
  • Starting at $1,999
  • Superb fitting
  • EQuiflex tree
  • Extreme close contact
  • Free swing, pre-turned stirrups
  • State of the art seat padding
  • Individually hand-crafted in the USA
  • Orders take 8 10 weeks
  • Starting at $1,999

Get The Gear That Makes Horsemanship Easier

We sell the same equipment that Steve uses with all of his horses.

Saddle Testimonials

"These saddles have been the best investment I have ever made for myself and my horses. With other saddles I used to lose a lot of training time due to soreness in myself and my horses. The Flex Tree in this saddle keeps us both feeling great, and allows for freer movement, which makes our rides more enjoyable. Issues such as balance, soreness, and discomfort are prevented before they even have a chance to begin."


"Love lovelove my saddle!!! It’s the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in and it fits multiple horses so perfectly. On top of that it’s the most beautiful saddle, I get compliments on it everywhere I go."

~Emily P

"The most comfortable saddle I’ve had the pleasure of riding and the craftmanship is outstanding!!"

~Erika S.

"I love my saddle!! I could never ride more than a couple of hours before my knees hurt – with this saddle – I can ride all day and no pain!! It fits both my horses too. Love it!"

~Elisa D.

"The biggest reason I love my Rother Continental Saddle is because my hard to fit horse is finally comfortable and loves it too! We’ve gone through countless other makes and models from treed to treeless looking for The One before Steve introduced us to this one, and this one is it! The second reason is it's comfort to me. The nubuck seat provides security, the low profile pommel offers openness and I can ride for hours without knee pain. I was able to custom order the tooling, conchos, skirt size and color to give the exact look I wanted. They even special made the matching breast collar to fit my little Indian pony. These saddles come in a high quality leather that needs no breaking in and it doesn't squeak! Thank you Steve for introducing us to this wonderful saddle!"

~Lorri C.

"I absolutely love my saddle. It is comfortable for both me and my horse. It’s beautiful!!! I was able to customize it exactly how I wanted it with the designs. They even put the designs on the breastcollar and rear cinch! I can ride in this saddle for hours and not feel sore and my horse seems to really enjoy being ridden now instead of having irritating ears. I love that this saddle will last me forever! I’d sure love another though so my family could have one to use as well!"

~Colleen G.

"I love my new Rother saddle it fits my horse like a dream and I am super comfortable in it I could ride all day!"

~Susan B.

"I was sold on the quality, comfort, security, and fit for my horse and I .... which is why I have two of these saddles now."

Eileen T.

"I love my saddle, very comfortable, lightweight, and my knees do not hurt like they did in my other saddles. It is the best purchase I have ever made on a saddle."

~Peggy R.

"It is super comfortable for everything from trails to sorting & penning! And pretty too!!"

~Tamara B.

"I absolutely adore my Rother Continental saddle. I love that it fits me and my horse and is super comfortable! I started out as an English rider because I could not find a western saddle that fit me until I rode in a continental at a Rother clinic, it was love at first ride when I had to give it back I ended up buying one right then and there. I can ride all day and not be saddle sore, and my horse can go all day and be comfortable. The pre-turned stirrups are great! Best saddle I have ever purchased! Bye bye knee pain."

~Shantyll A.

"First ride on my new saddle, October/18, wish I'd have purchased one sooner!! Love lovelove it!!!! Can't wait to get a full season of riding in it."

~Karin W.

"The best saddle ever! Fits both horse and rider and is very comfortable. My posture improved as soon as I sat in this saddle. Love it!"

~Marlene F

"I rode English prior to purchasing my Steve Rother continental.... this is so far the only saddle I have ever felt comfortable in."

~Ayri N.

"I absolutely love my saddle for several reasons. It fits a variety of horses nicely. The saddle is also very comfortable for the rider. The pre-turned stirrups are stellar! My sister loved my saddle so much she bought her own. And I loved Jan L.'s saddle so much I bought mine! And thank you Steve for this opportunity!"


"Couldn’t find a picture without someone one in it because it’s so comfortable. It rode like it was broken in on day one and it’s the only one I’ve had that fits all of my horses."

~Jan L

Training Tips and Articles


Phases of Pressure

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Focus, Feel, Timing, Balance

Focus, feel, timing, and balance are four crucial skills for you to develop in order to truly be effective with your horsemanship. These skills will make it possible for you…


Balance of Mind, Emotion, and Body

In this method of horsemanship, we focus on three systems of the horse: The Respect System The Impulsion System The Flexion System These systems are directly related to core behaviors…

10 Lessons to Build a Foundation for Success!

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Rother Horsemanship

Meet Steve Rother

From an early age, Steve had an extreme passion for being around horses. The passion spread to a thirst for more knowledge as he traveled across the country to mentor under some of the greatest horsemen of all time, including the late Ray Hunt.

The culmination of this tutelage and his work helping thousands of horses and riders over the last 30 years is the basis for all of Steve’s Horsemanship and Liberty Programs. His is one of the most sought after training methods in the country and has made it possible for so many horsemen and women to achieve their horsemanship dreams.

Steve is dedicated to helping those wishing to pursue a better relationship with their horse and has designed a simple step-by-step program designed for all breeds and disciplines, and can be applied by any level of rider.