Revel in the Horse Creek Ranch Experience

Horse Creek Ranch Camps


The Horse Creek Ranch Experience


Come join us at Horse Creek Ranch for a complete immersion into horsemanship.  Our fun and educational camps are a learning event of a lifetime.  Horse Creek Ranch is nestled in a picturesque spot only minutes from the Columbia River.  While here, Steve will lead you to a higher level of understanding and communication with your horse, and the things that you learn during your stay will enable you to go home with the tools you need to have a better equine partner.  Join like-minded horse people from all over the world for an equine adventure you won't soon forget!



  • 1 Common mistakes of both the horse and rider.
  • 2 How to think from a horse’s point of view.
  • 3 What to do when your horse does the unexpected.
  • 4 How to accomplish incredible things with your horse.
  • 5 Key exercises to unlock your horse’s potential.
  • 6 Exercises to correct your horse’s bad habits.
  • 7 Confidence to overcome fears.
  • 8 Tools to keep your horse calm, curious, and respectful.
  • 9 Feel and timing to increase your horse’s try.
  • 10 And much more.


Horse Creek Ranch was created to provide a much greater learning experience for riders from all over the world.  Here at the ranch, we can immerse people and horses in a way that is much more related to real life and real situations.  Thus, we can produce a much deeper and more effective relationship between horse and rider.  Groups are kept to a minimum to ensure plenty of one-on-one instruction along with a peaceful stay.

At the end of the camp, you will head home with new and exciting concepts of how to communicate with your horse, allowing you to continue building a relationship based on respect and understanding.

Because of the small groups, we can accommodate different levels. We do accept beginning riders, but you do need to be comfortable at a trot.

“I had a friend tell me about Steven Rother clinics a few years ago, I tried for a couple years to attend but always had other commitments when his clinics where in town. Then two years ago I attended a camp and I’m forever changed. I own two very different horses and have taken both to camps and clinics and his techniques work on both of them. He has given me the tools to communicate with each of them, differently, but with same results.”

Cathy R.


Please see our events schedule.  We normally offer camps in May through October.

Current 2024 Camp Dates:

  • March 30-April 3: Colt Camp
  • April 27-May 1: Confidence Building Camp
  • May 11-15: Liberty & Performance Camp
  • June 1-5: Liberty & Performance Camp
  • June 15-19: (Private) 40 Something Cowgirl Camp
  • June 22-26: Trail & Ranch Camp
  • August 18-22: (Private) Horsemanship Camp
  • September 7-11: Trail & Ranch Camp
  • September 14-18: Trail & Ranch Camp
  • October 26-30: Spooktacular Camp


Tuition includes dinner each day of camp, all day instruction, a stall/pen for your horse, and cattle fees.

3 Day Camp $1,100 $880 $220
5 Day Camp $1,800 $1,440 $360


If you do not have a horse to bring, we do have horses for lease at a rate of $500/5-day camp, and $300/3-day camp.  Members receive a 20% discount.   These prices includes use of all tack.

These horses are trained in the basics of our program and will allow you to fully enjoy your learning experience.  In order to lease one of our horses, you must already be comfortable at a walk and trot on a loose rein.
(This does not apply to your own horse).


We offer rooms for rent in our fully furnished Bunkhouse (for groups), Cabins, or R.V. Parking (with hookups).

Register early to have first choice.

  • 1 Fully Furnished Guest House - $50 per bed/night
  • 2 Cabins - $45/night
  • 3 R.V. Parking - $10/night
  • 4 There is a full bathroom and rec room with kitchenette available for campers on the ranch


Sorry, but spectators are not permitted at the ranch as camps are designed for participants. (Spectators are welcome at Steve Rother Clinics - see our Events Schedule)