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Clinic spots fill fast. The best way to make sure to get in on the action is to get your deposit in early. With just a few clicks you will be all signed up and ready go.

If you are unable to attend the clinic, please let your clinic host know prior to start of clinic or your deposit will be lost. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE (no exceptions). However, if you let us know you can’t attend, your deposit can be used towards another clinic (credit good for 1 year) or DVDs.


Many people ask if Steve’s methods work on warmbloods, gaited horses, Arabians, ponies, draft horses, barrel racers, jumpers, sport horses, dressage horses, etc… The truth is Steve’s methods are for any breed of horse and any discipline. No matter how old your horse is, or how long you’ve owned it – and no matter what you like to do with your horse – put in the effort, and you will accomplish your goals with Steve’s methods. Owning a horse is not just going for a ride. It’s a commitment to yourself and another living being – one that depends on you for leadership, care and comfort. Every time you are around your horse, you are teaching him something. Are they the things that you want?

Attending a Steve Rother clinic is an experience that you won’t soon forget!
Most horse owners attending do not aspire to become horse trainers, but simply wish to improve the relationship they have with their own horse. Whether to overcome fears, or gain more control, participants leave Steve’s clinic empowered and more excited about horse ownership.

Riders receive lots of individual attention!

You will find Steve friendly, easy to approach, knowledgeable and ready to help you with anything you might be unsure of during the clinic. You will receive both direct group, and one-on-one instruction. Participants can always be assured of help whenever they need it.

Steve teaches participants:

  • How to develop safe, content and willing horses.
  • How to gain overall control of their horse’s five body parts and get their horses supple and responsive.
  • Confidence, by giving riders the tools to overcome fears, and helps them accomplish their training goals at home.
  • What to expect from their horses and what to do when the horse does the unexpected!
  • The feel and timing needed to instantly reward horses that try is crucial to the horse’s learning process.
  • How to make the wrong thing difficult and the right thing easy, a key lesson for solving problems.
  • Insight into the way horses think and learn.
  • How to get the most out of each training session with their horse at the clinic and at home!
Nothing Beats Live, Step-By-Step Instruction!

Steve Rother’s 2 to 4 day Horsemanship Clinics cover all of the curriculum in his Groundwork and Horsemanship Series I and Series II DVDs, but your learning is greatly amplified because you receive immediate feedback directly from Steve on what is being done correctly, incorrectly and what variations will help owners get better results with a certain horse personalities.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to be a spectator or participant at a Steve Rother clinic, you’ve got no idea the depth of knowledge, humor and fun you are missing! It’s a learning workshop, but school was never this fun or entertaining before! See Steve’s methods in action and watch riders just like yourself accelerate their horsemanship in just three short days. You’ll be amazed at the results! Plus, you can shop and save with clinic only bargains on Steve’s DVDs and equipment!

Spectator tickets are available for purchase either online or at the clinic.

Additional information

Clinic Location

Bend, OR – February (3-day), Bend, OR – April (4-day), Goldendale, WA – May (3-day), Wasilla AK – May (4-day), Rocking Heart Ranch – Waterton, AB (4-day), Bend, OR – July (4-day), Williamstown, ON (4-day), Cle Elum, WA (4-day), Cle Elum, WA (3-day), Chilliwack, BC (3-day), Silverdale, WA (3-day), Ellensburg, WA (3-day), Goldendale, WA – August (3-day), Wasilla, AK – September (4-day), Nampa, ID (3-day), Pasco, WA (3-day), Richland, WA (3-day), Bend, OR – October (4-day), Elma, WA (3-day)

Type of Class

Horsemanship Class – Level 1, Horsemanship Class – Level 2

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